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Date:2007-08-18 12:50
Subject:Book 20

Book 20: Wicca for Beginners Thea Sabin

Good book for beginners but a little tough in places. Overall a good book

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Date:2007-08-17 19:18
Subject:Books 18 and 19

It has been extremely slow this month as I had a full job and I barely had time to read but here it is.

Book 18: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Good book and I was sad to see the series end but it was well worth the read.

Book 19: The Mystical Life of Jesus by Sylvia Browne: This was an interesting take on the life of Christ. Sylvia, who has always facinated me goes through and shows the inconistancies and downright possible lies from the BIble but in the end leaves it up to the reader to decide. Good book and a fast read. I read this in one day.

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Date:2007-06-08 14:59
Subject:Book Stuffs

It has been slow since the last entry I did. School started to bog me down but since I graduated a month ago I have read 7 books in about 4 weeks. Here they are but minimal reviews this time.

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Date:2007-04-22 18:16

"Last of the Red-Hot Vampires" Katie MacAlister

The latest in a funny series. This one is about an angel that gets cursed into becoming a vampire and has to fix the problem.

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Date:2007-04-22 16:57

38. "Must Love Dragons" Stephanie Rowe
39. "Date Me, Baby, One more Time" Stephanie Rowe.

these two are a series, but I read them out of order. "Date me", is actually book 1. Book 3 comes out this summer. These books are hilarious reads, and I highly reccommend them if you want a light-easy paranormal romance read.

40. "How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire" Kerrilyn Sparks
I wasn't thrilled with this one, and it's part of a series. I didn't bother reading the second. It was so-so.

41. "Bringing Up Baby" Hagar Wilde
It's a short, fun read that is the original story source for the Kathartine Hepburn film of the same name. I reccommend seeing the film, too. Good fun.

42. "Dragon Lovers" Jo Anne Putney etc.

It's an anthology of stories about dragons and romance, and I enjoyed it, even though some of the stories weren't that wonderful. It's an anthology of about 6-8 stories, each by a popular romance author, though none of them are ones I read regularly.

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Date:2007-03-27 17:44
Subject:Books 8-10

8. Dark Prince- Christine Feehan

Hot and amazing book. Dark vampires and sex mixed with blood.

9. Dark Lover-JR Ward

Another Vamipre Novel. My friend introduced me to this one and I am so happy she did. I am getting through book 2 right now but I am also reading Oliver Twist for class so there ya go.

10. Pilate's Wife- Antionette May

This was a great book! It dealt with Pontias Pilate's wife Claudia and how she could see things with second sight. The book focused on her realtionship with Pilate and her affair with another man. It was all in all a good book

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Date:2007-03-22 18:52
Mood: crazy

30-32- The Blood Jewels Trilogy- Anne Bishop

A fantastic trilogy that I highly reccommend, filled with rich detail, wonderful characters, and an entirely new and different mixture of political intrigue and gender roles.

33. "The Invisible Ring" Anne Bishop

It's basically a prequel to the Blood Jewels Trilogy, and should be read first. Equally as stunning as a stand alone novel, though.

34-36. The Royal Family of Cordina Trilogy- Nora Roberts

Over break, I felt like a bit of straight romance, so I picked this up from my mother's stash. Murder, kidnapping and terrorist plots, mixed with royalty and romance. What's not to like?

37. "Among the Heroes" Jere Longman

It's a novel that focuses on the 40 passengers and crewmembers on United Flight 93 that fought back against the terrorists that hijacked their plane on 9/11, and crashed the plane in an empty field rather than the White House. Very compelling.

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Date:2007-02-14 21:36
Subject:29 of 50
Mood: satisfied

29. "Storm Front" Jim Butcher (Book 1 of the Dresden Files)

this book was great, and I can't wait to pick up "Fool Moon", the second book of the Dresden Files. It proves that the television show version of the book series is quite a bit different, but it's still enjoyable. The character of Bob-the-Skull is especially different between the two. On the show, he's simply the shade of a once-powerful wizard who actively guides and helps Harry when he can. In the books, he's an air spirit that is bound to a human skull, and must be bribed to do anything useful for Harry.

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Date:2007-02-12 23:35
Subject:Books 5-7

Its been a slow month but here is what I have read right now. I am really not getting the speed I had last year. School has been kicking my butt. Here is the list!

Book 5: Valley of Silence by Nora Roberts

Book 6: 5 People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom

Book 7: The Family by Mario Puzo

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Date:2007-02-12 16:11
Subject:26-28 of 50
Mood: crappy

26. "Moon Called" Patricia Briggs
27. "Mona Lisa Blossoming" Sunny
28. "Double Indemnity" James Caine

26. The story of Mercy, a car mechanic and skinwalker (a native american species that can take the form of a coyote) that gets into, almost accidentally, a werewolf dispute that turns her life upside down. "Blood Bound" is the next book. I'll read it soon.

27.The second full-length novel of the Monere, but the third part of the story so far, the second of which I read in "Over the Moon"

28. A story of deception, insurance fraud, and a heartless woman. This has a film adaptation.

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Date:2007-02-05 22:58
Mood: curious

23. "Working for the Devil: A Dante Valentine Novel" Lilith Saintcrow
24. "Dead Man Rising: A Dante Valentine Novel" Lilith Saintcrow
25. "Over the Moon" Sunny, Angela Knight, MaryJanice Davidson

23-24 are the first two books in a series about Dante (Danny) Valentine, a psychic woman capable of communing with spirits of the dead..and the job offer that came right out of Hell deliberately..

25. An anthology of short stories, all focusing on werewolves and other night creatures, paranormal romance.

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Date:2007-02-02 03:07
Subject:19-22 of 50

19. "Being There" Jerzy Kosinski
20. "The Forbidden" L.A. Banks (part of the Neteru cycle)
21. "Moon Dance" Angela Knight
22. "??" Kresley Cole (I can't remember the title, but its the first book in the set that included "No Rest for the Wicked"

19- "Being There" is a short novel of political satire focused on the way that American Politics has very little to do with what a person says, or thinks, and everything to do with surface value. There's a film adaptation of it, starring Peter Sellers

20. Another excellent novel in the Neteru Cycle. In this, Lilith, biblical Adam's first wife, makes an appearance. She's incredibly evil..go figure, right?

21. A short, but good story by Angela Knight that connects to her Mageverse novels.

22. I wish I could remember the title, but I'm blanking, and I returned the book to the library today. Even so, it's a great read.

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Date:2007-01-29 00:11
Subject:16-18 of 50
Mood: complacent

16. "No Rest for the Wicked" Cresley Cole
17. "The Return of the Warrior" Kinley MacGregor
18. "Wolf at the Door" Christine Warren

16 and 18 are parts of seperate paranormal romance series. 17 is part of a historical romance series I've been reading (part of the same that featured "Born in Sin", one of the books I've already read). So far Warren and Cole have impressed me. Warren only has one other book out just now, and that is "She's no Faerie Princess", which I'm trying to track down on ILL. As for the Cole novel, it as book two in a series, but happened to be the first I tracked down. I'll read the first book, next.

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Date:2007-01-23 17:26
Subject:13-15 of 50
Mood: sick

13. "Night Game" - Feehan
14. "Conspiracy Game"- Feehan
(the next book in this series comes out in late February, "Deadly Game")
15. "The Maltese Falcon"- Dashiell Hammett (surprisingly good, and a quick read)

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Date:2007-01-16 18:14
Subject:11 and 12 of 50
Mood: crushed

11. "Shadow Game" Christin Feehan

12. "Mind Game" Christine Feehan

These are the first two books in Feehan's popular "GhostWalker" series of books. The idea is that a military experiment enhanced the natural psychic abilities of one group of volunteers taken from Special Ops, Navy SEALS, etc, and trained as a unit to use these psychic talents (telepathy, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, dream walking..etc)..but something went wrong, and now there are military splinter groups and terrorists hunting them..and trying to find out how they were created in the first place, to make their own armies. This series is all about suspense and the bonds within the unit..
And apparently this isnt the first time the pyshic enhancing has happened. A group of orphan girls was apparently also experimented upon..but like the soldiers, the girls werent trained how to..block out the rest of the world. Their minds are wide open. Every emotion, every passing thought..it's painful. Some can handle the onslaught better than the others, but there's always a price to pay for power.

I'm really liking these books so far. There's a bunch of them, but i got the set for Christmas.

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Date:2007-01-12 09:46

Three books got read during Christmas Break from College and here they are with reviews

Book 2: A Stroke of Midnight by Laurell K. Hamilton

Book 3: Christ the Lord by Anne Rice

Book 4: For One More Day by Mitch Albom

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Date:2007-01-08 17:17
Subject:9 and 10 of 50

9. "The Hunted" L.A. Banks (book 3 in the Neteru Cycle)
10. "Bitten" L.A. Banks (book 4)

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Date:2006-12-31 01:09
Subject:Book 8 of 50

"Man in a Million" by Jessica Bird

it's a short little thing, but it's well worth the hour or so it takes to read it. The characters are intriguing, and it's easy to empathize with them.

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Date:2006-12-28 22:30
Subject:Books 2-7
Mood: thoughtful

2. "My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding" anthology featuring Sherrilyn Kenyon, L.A Banks. Charlaine Harris, Jim Butcher, and others (lots of short goodies)
3. "The Dark Queen" Susan Carroll (book one in a fantastic historical- fantasy trilogy)
4."The Courtesan" Susan Carroll (book 2)
5. "The Silver Rose" Susan Carroll (book 3, and my favorite)
6. "Mistral's Kiss" Laurell K. Hamilton (wait for the paperback people..or borrow from me. Don't waste your money on this short little thing while it's still in hardcover!)
7. "Dark Side of the Moon" Sherrilyn Kenyon (latest in the Dark-Hunter series)

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Date:2006-12-20 22:44
Subject:Countdown starting as of today: book 1 of 50
Mood: content

"Minion" L.A. Banks

Good start to the Neteru series, and if you like vampires, spirituality, and great action, the series is worth looking into.

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