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19-22 of 50

19. "Being There" Jerzy Kosinski
20. "The Forbidden" L.A. Banks (part of the Neteru cycle)
21. "Moon Dance" Angela Knight
22. "??" Kresley Cole (I can't remember the title, but its the first book in the set that included "No Rest for the Wicked"

19- "Being There" is a short novel of political satire focused on the way that American Politics has very little to do with what a person says, or thinks, and everything to do with surface value. There's a film adaptation of it, starring Peter Sellers

20. Another excellent novel in the Neteru Cycle. In this, Lilith, biblical Adam's first wife, makes an appearance. She's incredibly evil..go figure, right?

21. A short, but good story by Angela Knight that connects to her Mageverse novels.

22. I wish I could remember the title, but I'm blanking, and I returned the book to the library today. Even so, it's a great read.
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