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Books 5-7

Its been a slow month but here is what I have read right now. I am really not getting the speed I had last year. School has been kicking my butt. Here is the list!

Book 5: Valley of Silence by Nora Roberts

I liked this one a lot. It rounded out the trilogy nicely and was worth the read. I loved the battle scenes and this book was less sexually charged then the first two but it still played into the storyline. Cian made the story very interesting. I recomend this one highly. 

5/5 stars!

Book 6: 5 People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom

Another great book by Mitch!! I am really starting to look foward to his books. I found this one about the man who screws up his whole life and then dies to be very heartfelt and special, just like his other books. I will continue to read Mitch for years to come. 

5/5 stars!

Book 7: The Family by Mario Puzo

This was a historical novel about the Borgia family of renissance Italy. This was by the author who wrote the GodFather series and this book was the first one I read by him and I am going to have to go back and read the Godfather books now even though I have already seen the movies. The Borgia family was all nuts in my opinion but this book was not nuts, it was fantastic! 

Again, 5 stars!

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