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30-32- The Blood Jewels Trilogy- Anne Bishop

A fantastic trilogy that I highly reccommend, filled with rich detail, wonderful characters, and an entirely new and different mixture of political intrigue and gender roles.

33. "The Invisible Ring" Anne Bishop

It's basically a prequel to the Blood Jewels Trilogy, and should be read first. Equally as stunning as a stand alone novel, though.

34-36. The Royal Family of Cordina Trilogy- Nora Roberts

Over break, I felt like a bit of straight romance, so I picked this up from my mother's stash. Murder, kidnapping and terrorist plots, mixed with royalty and romance. What's not to like?

37. "Among the Heroes" Jere Longman

It's a novel that focuses on the 40 passengers and crewmembers on United Flight 93 that fought back against the terrorists that hijacked their plane on 9/11, and crashed the plane in an empty field rather than the White House. Very compelling.
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